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Iteracare Wand is now available in Guam, USA.

iTeraCare Wand USA

Transform your wellness with the Iteracare Wand, now available in Tamuning, Guam, USA. This device combines Terahertz Frequency, Quartz Light Technology, and Quantum Technology and is the world’s first to do so. Patented and certified globally, Iteracare is safe and free from harmful radiation.

Available in three models – Classic 2.0, Premium, and Pro – all approved by leading organizations and sold internationally. Choose the perfect wand for you with prices ranging from $380 for the Classic to $3800 for the Pro. Purchase from official Iteracare distributors to ensure you receive genuine products with full warranty.

US customers can shop with confidence through OSD Enterprises, a licensed distributor authorized by Prife International. Our products are directly supplied by Prife International, ensuring quality. Visit or call (575) 652-6775 for more information.


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