Iteracare USA Distributor 2023

The Benefits of Using a Terahertz Therapy Device

The Iteracare terahertz therapy device employs various technologies to promote overall health and wellness. Terahertz technology resonates with our cells, activating healthy endocrine cells and enhancing the body’s self-repair ability. Meanwhile, quantum technology generates scalar energy that energizes our cells, balances bodily systems, and strengthens the body, producing healing energy that can penetrate deeper into vital organs. To amplify the energy generated from the device, the therapy device uses optical quartz technology, creating a more powerful result that strengthens the auric field within the body.

The therapy device also enhances the body’s self-healing ability by inducing and strengthening DNA and organic molecules through the terahertz frequency. This frequency resonates with our cells, promoting self-repair ability in the body. Additionally, the device can clear meridian and lymph points, effectively removing blockages in the body.

Finally, by combining terahertz frequency with quantum energy, the therapy device can penetrate deeper into the bone marrows, activate dormant stem cells, and create brand new organs and tissues in the body. Overall, the therapy device employs various technologies to promote health and wellness, making it a powerful tool for those seeking natural and holistic healing solutions.


Itera Classic 2.0

The Classic is a device that comes with three different speed settings: high, medium, and low. Out of the three models available, this particular device’s fan setting is louder. It’s an entry-level unit designed for general public use, with a power of 800W. The device also includes a convenient transport box for easy portability. The Classic is priced at USD $380.00.

The Premium device is designed with two settings: high and low. Despite being quieter than all the other devices, both settings provide a steady heat source. Seniors particularly appreciate this device because of its constant and manageable heat settings. It has a power of 650W and operates in two modes. The device also includes a safety case and features patented technologies. The Premium device is priced at USD $1140.00.

iTeracare Premium

Itera Premium

ITeraCare Pro

Itera Pro

The Pro is the most advanced device in the lineup, with four settings: high, medium, low, and cold. The cold setting is a unique feature not found in the other devices, which can be used to close the skin pores after a therapy session. This unit is specifically designed for use in spas, clinics, gyms, and sports groups/teams. It has a power of 1200W and operates in four modes. The device comes with a hard safety case and features patented technologies. The Pro is priced at USD $3800.00.

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