Iteracare Classic 2.0

"Improve your health and well-being with the Iteracare Classic 2.0. Now available for purchase in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States."

Welcome to the world of Iteracare! We are proud to offer the latest in advanced technology with our Iteracare Classic 2.0 device. To ensure you receive the authentic product with all the benefits and protections it offers, we recommend purchasing from the official USA distributor. This guarantees fast, tracked, and free delivery, as well as protection against fake products. Protect yourself and your investment by only shopping from authorized Iteracare distributors in the United States. The Iteracare Classic 2.0 is now available in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your health and well-being.


iTeracare-Classic-2.0 -
Iteracare Classic 2.0 - Now available in the USA.

Top 3 Iteracare Terahertz Device

“Iteracare devices are advanced, safe, and reliable household items that use innovative technologies like Terahertz Magnetic Wave Frequency, Quantum Technology, and Optical Light Quartz Technology to promote holistic healing and wellness. These devices have been approved and patented by leading organizations such as The National Intellectual Property Rights and the China Beijing Academy of Sciences.

Not only are Iteracare devices a new approach to natural and non-invasive healing, but they also allow individuals to take control of their own health and pursue optimal wellness. Choose from three models – Classic, Premium, or Pro – and enjoy the convenience of international availability as electrical household items. Get your hands on the latest in technology and wellness with Iteracare, now available in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.”


Itera-Classic 2.0

“Experience the Power of the Iteracare Classic 2.0: 110V/220V, 50Hz, 800W, 3 Speed Modes, 4th Generation (late 2022), Perfect for Family Use”.


Iteracare Premium

“Upgrade to the Iteracare Premium: 110V/220V, 50Hz, 650W, 2 Speed Modes, 5th Generation (early 2022), Safety Case Included, Perfect for Small Spas and Wellness Centers


Iteracare Pro

“Get Professional Results with the Iteracare Pro: 110V/220V, 50Hz, 1200W, 4 Speed Modes, 4th Generation (2019), Safety Case Included, Ideal for Big Sports Teams and Busy Wellness Centers”

OSD Enterprises LLC – a fully licensed distributor in the United States and authorized by Prife International to sell and distribute globally. Trust the experts and get your Iteracare device directly from Prife International for peace of mind. Visit or contact us at (575) 652.6775 for more information.”